Services Provided

Structural / Material Engineering

We have experienced staff in our engineering/development team to help you get things right.  We make converting your concepts to the retail shelf a breeze. 

Graphic Design

Should you need assistance in design, we have staff in house to accomplish tasks such as adjusting art for printing, placing art in templates for review, to actual graphic design for your product packaging.

Order Management

Our experienced staff handles each brand as a team.  You won't get passed around, and you will have people that know you. 

Product Management

Our wholly owned factory in HuiZhou, Canton, China operates to any standard you may require. We are experienced in producing packaging for many high end brands. We also have a strong track record of meeting and exceeding standards and certifications.

Packaging Product Management

We provide inventory management for your products. This enables you to achieve better costing, consistency, and delivery speed to your other suppliers. Our staff handles all the logistics. Just give us the address and we'll handle the rest, whether it's locally within China, to our Hong Kong warehouse, or to be shipped overseas.

Flinton Packaging - Our Printing Factory

We employ modern Heidelberg and Komori offset presses to ensure top printing quality. Polar cutters ensure the thicker laminated tags are cut to your exacting precision with tolerances of +/- 0.5mm.  We have very experienced personnel to make sure your packaging is how you want it.  White glove service is available to help make sure your tags are pristine.